A glossary list of definitions for conveyancing terms and abbreviations beginning with ‘F’ can be found below.

Failed Valuation Survey

Where an inspection to assess the value of property is carried out and the property is not assessed to be worth the value wanting to be paid. In such circumstances the Mortgage Lender will refuse to issue a Mortgage Offer against the property.

Financial Statement

A written calculation of all the expected receipts and payments due in respect of the transaction, as provided from the solicitor to you.

First Registration

The process of submitting an application to the Land Registry for unregistered land so that they may create a new electronic legal title for the property; usually requiring submission of the full title deeds and chain of ownership history for the property.

Fittings and Contents Form

This is the TA10 form that is completed by the Seller which provides details of what items will remain in the property and what will be removed upon completion. A seller completing a Property Information Form must do so carefully and thoroughly, as the Buyer will seek to rely upon this information. A price for any items agreed to remain at the property can be negotiated between the Buyer and Seller.

Flying Freehold

This arises when part of one property is built over part of another, so the upper property owner does not own the building or land underneath the “flying” part.


The ownership of land and any property on it, albeit subject to any existing leasehold title.


This is the owner of the land on which the building is situated.

Full Title Guarantee

If a seller has full knowledge of a property, typically through their ownership and/or residing at the property, this is the usual guarantee they will provide to the buyer.